About the Biblical Unit Converter

Ever wondered how many cubits in a meter, or hogsheads in a gallon?  This handy little app helps convert between  a variety of historical and modern units.  There’s even a little handy calculator functionality thrown in for your convenience!

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What units are supported?

  1. Weights: talents, minas (Biblical Hebrew), minas (Greek), shekelsls (Jewish Silver), shekels (שקל), pims, bekas, gerahs, litras, grains, grams (g), pounds (lb), ounces (Troy oz), ounces (oz)

  1. Lengthscubits, long cubits, ells,ells (Ezekiel's), spans, handbreadths, fathoms, furlongs, stadiums, mils, miles (Roman), miles (Statute), miles (Nautical), meters, feet, inches

  1. Volume (Wet): baths, hins, logs, metreteses, sextariuses, xesteses, liters, tablespoons, teaspoons, quarts, pints, gallons

  2. Volume (Dry): cors, homers, letheks, ephah, seahs, omers, issarons, cabs, kabs, choinixes, modiuses, satons, liters, tablespoons, teaspoons, quarts, pints, gallons

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